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We offer a range of services to help you take advantage of the latest web3 and AI technologies. Whether you're looking to develop a decentralized application, an AI-powered solution, or a custom software system, we're here to help.

Smart Contracts

Our team is skilled in all things Solidity, from NFTs to tokens to DeFi. Let us bring your vision to life.


We will ensure your smart contract seamlessly integrates with your website for optimal performance.

Full Stack Development

Get a complete and professional solution from concept to completion with our full stack development services.

Bots / Automation

Maximize efficiency and streamline processes with our custom-made automation and bot solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Empower your business with cutting-edge AI technologies like ChatGPT, stable diffusion, and Midjourney.


Fulfill your creative vision with our skilled art team, delivering high-quality assets in a timely manner.

What We've Built

Step into the world of web3 innovation with a look at some of our latest projects. Get a glimpse of the impactful solutions brought to life. Analytics

Helped develop smart trading analytics for, implementing cron jobs to fetch platform data from unofficial APIs, managing MongoDB collections, and enabling bot functionality and trading insights.

Artico AI

Developed a fully featured logo and mascot image generation SaaS product for a client, utilizing custom stable diffusion AI models and prompting. Features included multiple generations, revisions, downloads, Stripe payments for our credit system, project history, account settings, and more.

Artico AI


An interactive town and community that is home to the innovation of the Stable NFT, the first ever stablecoin backed NFT. Our genesis Stabletons collection has unique new characteristics: a natural minimum floor price on secondary markets (the intrinsic stablecoin value) and a deflationary mechanism (redeeming the stablecoin burns the NFT).


NFT Manifest Standard

A simple way for NFT projects to incorporate a manifest file onto their website, which contains crucial project information in an easily digestible format for users.

NFT Manifest

Very Important Panthers

End-to-end development for a client representing a web3 mint page, standard ERC721A NFT smart contract with whitelist, and programmatic artwork generation with IPFS metadata storage.

VIP Website

Salsa Concept

Empowering blockchain education for children through NFTs and a mobile friendly web app that provides rewards for learning.

Salsa Website
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